Worlds first global women’s circle ‘Connected Sisters’ to launch Lynne’s new body of work ‘The Power of Seven’


Connected Sisters, the online and social media platform for women to share true life stories, will be sharing an exclusive interview with Lynne Frankes, OBE, on International Women’s Day (08th March 2019). Lynne has chosen the ‘Connected Sisters’ platform to launch her latest female empowerment work, called ‘The Power of Seven’. She will be discussing her work in an exclusive interview with Connected Sisters, content from which will be shared across their website, Facebook and Instagram social platforms.

“Introducing my latest body of work ‘The Power of Seven’ on International Women’s Day is significant,” comments Lynne, “I’ve created a framework from which women can identify themselves, enabling a deeper understanding of their life purpose. ‘Connected Sisters’ and my work have a lot of synergy, it makes perfect sense for me to launch with them”

Featuring true stories from women of all backgrounds, cultures and countries, the global digital women’s circle aims to share real life experiences, offering wisdom and support for females everywhere by publishing at least one true story per day online.

The founding duo, real life sisters, Jodie and Paris Welton, have developed the Women’s Circle to give females a platform to tell their stories in a non-judgmental, un-edited, truthful environment. They said:

“Historically, women’s circles have been an important and sacred part of females’ lives, today we often experience digital disconnection from one another, with love and support harder to find. We aim to reconnect women with the power of the circle online, a place where females are safe to express their true experiences and every voice holds equal importance. Great wisdom is shared through the ancient art of storytelling, and with Connected Sisters we can reach our sisters globally.”

The sisters have been collecting stories from women all over the world for the past six months and have gathered thousands of stories so far. Consistent themes of great strength, resilience, courage and empathy come through time and time again. They are publishing at least one per day and are inviting women to get in touch with their story.

“Every woman has a story inside of them that other women can relate to and draw comfort or inspiration from. We have heard the extraordinary in the ordinary and seen tremendous courage in women becoming truthtellers.”

Connected Sisters has three main aims; Firstly, to share real stories that will help inspire other women going through similar challenges and keep women’s wisdom alive. Secondly, to showcase the beautiful individuality of women with authentic photography, thus disrupting the “perfect female images” women are subjected to each day through the media. And finally, to build a sizable community of women and then fund- raise for women who need help.

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