-67% of young Brits admit to not having taken any recent snaps with Mum and Dad-

-35% of Brits have not had a picture with their parents in the last 10 years-

-More than half of Brits (60%) regret not capturing more images with Mum and Dad-


LONDON: June 22, 2015 – According to research released today by one of Europe’s leading photo printing companies, Albelli, summer family photos are set to become a thing of the past with 67% of Brits aged 18-24 years old admitting to having barely taken any recent photos with their parents.


Despite the proliferation of mobile camera phones in the UK and the number of images captured last year reaching an estimated 880 billion worldwide[1], more than a third of Brits (35%) admit to not having taken a photo with their parents in the last 10 years, with 61% revealing that as they have got older they have fewer pictures with their family than when they were a kid.


The research which was commissioned with One Poll and surveyed 2,000 respondents, discovered a growing trend amongst 18-24 year olds who admitted to having more selfie images (48%) or photos with friends on a night out (38%) on their social media feeds than they do images with their parents.


According to the findings, however, 81% of Brits treasure family photographs the most, with 27% of those specifically stating its family holiday photos that give them the biggest joy to look back over.


Yet, Brits are failing to capture these happy memories with 60% regretting not taking more images with their parents to look back on, wanting to reflect on them because it makes them feel happy (68%).


Revealing a ‘black out’ generation of family photographs, 54% of Brits felt that their 20s was the time when they failed to capture any images with mum and dad, perhaps indicating that this is the age when taking pictures with your parents is not a high priority.


Further results showed that one of the main reasons behind failing to capture images with mum and dad could be due to the rise in social media. Indeed, a third of Brits (32%) stated they would never upload a family picture to a social platform with reasons cited as being too embarrassing or personal.


Now personalised photo product specialist, Albelli, is launching a campaign to Bring Back Mum and Dad – encouraging Brits to capture memories of their family this summer and print these images out.


Keith Hanson, general manager of Albelli UK said: “As a society, we are obsessed with taking photos yet many of us are failing to capture images which we cherish the most – those of happy times spent with our mum and dad.


“It’s a sad reality that one day summer family photos could become a rarity, with many young people sharing images of themselves on nights out with friends, rather than those with their family members.


“Given how much we all treasure family photos, we are encouraging more Brits to seize the moment and capture more photographs with their family members that they’ll treasure forever so that one day, they won’t regret having not taken any to reminisce over.”


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