Young Epilepsy urges Brits to dress in their pyjamas for Purple Day



  • Young Epilepsy appeals to Britons up-and-down the country to get behind ‘PJs for Purple Day’
  • Purple Day, commonly known as International Epilepsy Day, takes place on Sunday, 26 March 2017
  • More than 112,000 young people in the UK have the neurological condition


National charity Young Epilepsy is appealing to everyone across the UK to back Purple Day on Sunday, 26 March 2017. In doing so, they’re asking the British public to dress in their finest pyjamas during any day of March.

Donations for ‘PJs for Purple Day’ will go to Young Epilepsy. The charity acts as a voice for the 112,000 young people in the UK with epilepsy, advocating on their behalf to government to affect positive systematic change.


Vicki Kennedy, Director of Fundraising and External Relations, says:


“Epilepsy is a complex condition and getting a good night’s sleep can be an important factor in managing it. So although the ‘PJs for Purple Day’ campaign is a fun way to encourage fundraising, it seemed a poignant way to encourage people to get involved too.

“There are 112,000 young people across the UK with the condition and we work on their behalf to tackle the issues they face in their daily lives. Our pioneering research programme helps to ensure we understand more about the condition and its impact and deliver societal change as well as empowering young people to bring about change themselves.

We hope you’ll support us by putting on your PJs and donating.”


To take part in Pyjama Day, click on the link here where you are able to download a sponsorship form and posters or visit