Your donations and what they mean to your local YMCA.


At Cardiff YMCA, we provide over 45,000 bed spaces of accommodation, support and other vital services to the homeless. We recognise that most homeless people don’t arrive alone – they arrive carrying an extra vulnerability that makes finding somewhere to live and accessing support services even more difficult.  Whether it be mental health problems, family breakdown or any number of other issues, homelessness is rarely the only need homeless people present.


In many cases, a simple solution such as practical training or a much needed rest for someone at breaking point may be all it takes to get a life back on track. And that is why we are so appreciative of the variety of donations we receive from our local community.


For example, it’s not just the food that makes an occasion special – it’s enjoying it in the company of loved ones. But when you’re homeless, there’s often no one to invite you to share those special moments. For many homeless people, this is reality… but for an £8 donation, we can change this. We can provide a homeless person with a fantastic nutritious meal, in a warm welcoming and safe setting.


For a person who has been living rough on the streets, simply keeping warm, clean and dry is almost impossible. For a £15 donation, we can provide a ‘Pack of Essentials’ containing a fresh towel, toiletries, and clean warm clothing.


Our hostels are almost always full, but we recognise the urgent and immediate need for some people with literally nowhere to go but the streets. A £30 donation enables us to keep back a room for a crisis. Someone can stay overnight, enjoy a cooked dinner, have breakfast in the morning and be given some practical advice and help to secure a safe place to stay.


Whilst a £50 donation can provide a homeless person with the opportunity to learn new skills, access training, volunteering or help to secure paid employment whilst obtaining practical advice, support and incentives to give them greater self-confidence, independence, work experience, and an opportunity to earn a wage.


In addition to financial donations, we also accept donations of clothing and other items which we sell in our charity shops in Albany Rd and Wellfield Rd; providing much needed income, and training and volunteering opportunities for the homeless.


Donations of good quality furniture are used to assist our residents when they move on into their own accommodation, and surplus items will help us to raise funds to provide additional volunteering opportunities in our furniture outlet which we are opening in Colchester Avenue in the Spring.


Donating time to promote and participate in a fundraising event such as the SleepEasy Challenge in March 2017, the Cardiff ½ Marathon in October 2017 or volunteering in our shops or recycling project is also much appreciated as it helps us to raise funds and our profile in the local community as well as keeping homelessness on the agenda.


In all, 100% of every penny donated or raised helps to support homeless services and projects at the YMCA.


If you are an individual, group or business and would like to support the YMCA in any way, please get in touch:


Mandy Caddy ([email protected])

Cardiff YMCA Housing Association

The Walk, Roath, Cardiff CF243AG

Tel: 02920 466384