In recognition of “National Junk Food Day,”  B Fit PT are inviting people to make a change to their eating habits by inviting them in to their studio to talk about a variety of weight loss strategies that they use week in and week out with their current clients.   Every year, the 21st of July is National Junk Food Day, and many people will see this as a chance to over indulge in the foods that are quite simply making the…


Spring has arrived, bringing with it the promise of warm weather to come. Are you ready to bare it all on the beach? If not, no worries, there is still time. Follow these 12 steps to get your abs beach ready.   Step One: Do Some Burpees.  Here’s how to do a burpee: 1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart. 2) Drop to a squat with your hands on the ground. 3) Kick feet back while lowering into a push-up….