Whitchurch High School’s very own Elinor Crawley, has appeared in many screen productions such as Vikings and The White Queen since her debut in the Welsh made film Submarine. Carl Marsh got to talk about her latest movie Burning Men. Your latest film has a POV (point of view) camera angle to it, and it took me a little while to get used to it, but once I did, I really did get to experience a film like no other…


On the 12th of March 1917, the British Submarine E49 was lost when it struck a German mine whilst leaving Baltasound, Shetland. The Royal Navy E- Class submarine sank and the wreck now lies 29 m under the sea.  The tragedy is now marked as on of the heaviest loss of navy military during the first World War. Reginald James Wakefield from Cardiff was also on board that day. Reginald joined the Royal Navy on the 3rd of September 1912….